Monday, December 17, 2012

That Holiday Feeling

So it's the holidays and that means people are traveling... and realizing that may0ey they should have going in for a follow up appointment when they were told.

Please, please, please don't try and force your doctor to 'squeeze you in for a quick check up'. This is the most common thing I have heard and it usually comes right after said person just explained how they decided not to show up (or call us) to their last appointment but now that their trip/Holiday is here they NEED TO BE SEEN NOW!

Doctors offices are being forced to tighten up on policies because patients don't call to cancel appointments or because they beg, plead and lie to get seen. I was literally told by a patient that they were fine but just wanted to talk to the doctor.

But! On the flip side, I have had patients call in and cancel their appointment because of how crazy the holiday is. One was a post-op and we were like, no you have to come in because you just had your hip/knee/shoulder replaced and the big metal staples need to come out and then you get a lolly pop.

Please be considerate of your doctors during the holidays and plan ahead.

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